Volunteer work party starts clearance of rubbish from future community orchard


On Saturday 14th March, eight volunteers set about the job of clearing rubbish from the plot, near the Wyeths Road gate, which is to be come a community orchard for the allotment site.

The plot has a large number of fruit trees, mainly apple trees – many of which produce excellent fruit.  The site has been neglected over the years, and a considerable amount of rubbish has accumulated.

Sean Harvey, from Epsom Council, has started work in trying to clear the rubbish, in order to get the plot back into a state in which is possible to assess, and look after, the fruit trees.

IMG_20150314_The_rubbish_at_the_start[1] The waste pile, with rubbish removed by Sean, at the start of the work party on Saturday 14th March.

The volunteers managed, over just two hours, to remove a remarkable amount of stuff.  This included:  three kitchen sinks; two large television sets; some 30 wooden pallets; some 8 large metal window frames; huge amounts of broken down carpet; plastic of all sorts in large quantities; two office chairs;  and so on.

IMG_20150314_The_work_party[1]The work party with some of the rubbish they had gathered


IMG_20150314_The_rubbish_end_on[1] Two photos to show just how much waste the volunteers managed to clear from the orchard, in just two hours

Further clearance will continue, and we hope that the orchard will be a real asset to the allotment site, in due course.

The next work party is planned for the afternoon of Sunday 29th March, from 3 – 5pm.  

Tea and cake will again be provided for the volunteers.  

Do come in sturdy shoes, and bring tough gardening gloves.

18 tonnes of good quality horse manure arrived at the site – not a trace left within an hour and a half!

John Pearce kindly arranged a dump of horse manure for the allotment site, on Saturday 22nd September.  Normally deliveries have only been on week days in the past, but John was able to persuade the driver to do a Saturday morning – so plot holders who work could also get some.

The 18 tonnes were dropped at about 9,30am.  The allotment site has never looked busier, with dozens of plotholders scurrying about in the frenetic quest to get as many barrow loads as possible, as fast as possible.

Manure arrives just after 9.30am

Within an hour, about two thirds had gone.

About two third gone within an hour

Within an hour an a half, there was nothing left.

After an hour and a half, nothing left. John Pearce surveys the scene

And within about 20 minutes of that, a casual passer-by would scarcely have been aware that a steaming pile of horse dung had been there at all.

Thanks very much to John for organising it, as ever.  Much appreciated by a great many plot holders.  And thanks to everyone who made contributions to pay for it – John was able to cover his costs.

Looking forward to the splendid crops that we will grow next year, thanks to all that manure.








AAG “Grow Your Own” newsletter

Kate has kindly put together the first two editions of our new “Grow Your Own” newsletter, with tips and advice  about growing on an allotment.

We hope there will be regular editions, every month or two throughout  the year.

May 2012 “Grow Your Own” Newsletter

June 2012  “Grow Your Own” Newsletter 

Allotment Non-Cultivation Flow-Chart

Under the Allotments Act, a Council cannot inspect allotments to see if they are not cultivated well enough until April.  This is because it is often difficult to work  on the allotments until spring, and very few crops are grown earlier.  Inspections for non-cultivation are done by Epsom Borough Council some time early in April, and then again in September.  The visit was done by EEBC on Monday 23rd April 2012.  Around 30 – 35 letters will be sent to plotholders, whose plots were deemed not to be sufficiently cultivated. Continue reading

Allotment Forum meeting on Tuesday 20th March 2012

A meeting of the Borough Allotment  Forum was held on 20th March.  The draft minutes of the meeting are at Forum Meeting Minutes 20.3.2012     The next Allotment  Forum meeting will be on Tuesday  16 th October 2012.  As ours is a large site, we can have two representatives on the Forum. Perhaps even three. Continue reading

Growing veggies in a drought and hose pipe ban

The hose pipe ban started in the Epsom area on 5th April.  No hose pipes can be used at all on the allotment sites, except to transfer water from the taps  to the water butts beside them.  Watering can only be done by watering can.  Hose pipes may NOT be used to fill our own water butts.  The hose pipe ban will last all summer.  There are various articles giving advice on using less water.
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AAG meeting on 9th February 2012

The notes of the AAG meeting held on 9th February are at Notes of 16th meeting of AAG 9.2.2012  (draft)

Meeting of the Epsom and Ewell Allotment Forum on 25th October

The most recent of the borough Allotment Forum took place on 25th October.

The meeting notes are at  Forum Meeting Minutes 25.10.2011

The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th March.  The agenda is at Allotment Forum Agenda for 20.3.2012

AAG meeting on Wednesday 30th November

A meeting of the Alexandra Allotments Group was held on Wednesday 30th November.  The meeting notes are at Minutes  of 30.11.2011  AAG meeting

The meeting before was on 14th July:  Notes_of _AAG_meeting_14.7.2011

DISCOUNT SEED SCHEME 2011/12 (with Marshalls)


The AAG Committee has decided not to offer/organise a Discount Seed Scheme for 2011/12.

However Iris Rooney has kindly offered to organise a scheme for any plot-holders who would like to take part. This is the Marshalls Seeds Garden Club scheme, which was successfully run last year. Marshalls are an established, award winning company and have been given “Best Buy” status by Garden Which.  Feedback from plot holders last year was very positive.
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