New plot holders have now been allocated their quarter plots

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council did its non-cultivation inspections of all the allotment sites in April, and and have now allocated most plots to people on the waiting list.

Nobody is getting more than a quarter plot at present, so the Council can try and reduce the waiting list for plots as quickly as possible.

Until the waiting list is reduced, no exisiting plot holders (even those who were allocated quarter plots a year or two ago, and have managed them well) will be allowed another plot.  Not even another quarter.

AAG understand there is a waiting list for allotments in the borough of something like 150 people.  The Alexandra site is particularly popular.

On Saturday 21st May, EEBC staff started showing prospective new plot holders around, and allocating them their new quarter plots.  They were not given a choice, but needed to take the one they were offered. (In the past, they were given a choice).  If the prospective plot holder does not like the plot they are given, they go back to the bottom of the waiting list.

We  look forward to seeing some of the overgrown, grassy plots having new tenants before long !

AAG hopes we can all make all the new plot holders welcome, and that they find their allotment a pleasant and rewarding activity.

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