Talk on the Community Payback Scheme – on Saturday 16th July

Several months ago there was some interest in the possibility of getting  work done on the site by offenders working through the Community Payback Scheme (CPS).  Some plot holders have reservations, and so it was decided at the AAG AGM that someone from the CPS would come and give an informal talk. 

Tony Pool and Kate Botha, from the Redhill office of the CPS gave an informal talk and answered our questions about the scheme and how it works. Notes of the meeting can be seen at Talk on the Community Payback Scheme 16th July 2011

Having obtained detailed information about how the CPS works, and how it might be used on our allotment site, we are interested to know what plot holders think. 

If you are in favour of us giving the scheme a trial, please let us know. Equally let us know if you are opposed to it being used on the site, even for a trial period.  We will have a special daytime AAG meeting at Diggers Den on a weekend date in the autumn  (date to be arranged), where the matter will be up for public discussion and a decision may be made.

Please let us know your views, to

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