Allotment Non-Cultivation Flow-Chart

Under the Allotments Act, a Council cannot inspect allotments to see if they are not cultivated well enough until April.  This is because it is often difficult to work  on the allotments until spring, and very few crops are grown earlier.  Inspections for non-cultivation are done by Epsom Borough Council some time early in April, and then again in September.  The visit was done by EEBC on Monday 23rd April 2012.  Around 30 – 35 letters will be sent to plotholders, whose plots were deemed not to be sufficiently cultivated.

A second inspection of these plots will take place, some time after mid May, and if plots are still failing, they will be allocated to people on the waiting list.

The tenancy agreement states that 75% of a plot should be cultivated.  Generally it needs to be clear that effort has been made, and that the tenant is making a reasonable job of managing their plot.

The non-cultivation flow-chart is the system the Council uses at present, to check if a plot is failing under non-cultivation, and then, to go through various checks before passing the plot to a new person.

Allotment Non-Cultivation Flowchart

(In the chart, GD is Gary Daws, and CS is Central Services at the Town Hall).

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