18 tonnes of good quality horse manure arrived at the site – not a trace left within an hour and a half!

John Pearce kindly arranged a dump of horse manure for the allotment site, on Saturday 22nd September.  Normally deliveries have only been on week days in the past, but John was able to persuade the driver to do a Saturday morning – so plot holders who work could also get some.

The 18 tonnes were dropped at about 9,30am.  The allotment site has never looked busier, with dozens of plotholders scurrying about in the frenetic quest to get as many barrow loads as possible, as fast as possible.

Manure arrives just after 9.30am

Within an hour, about two thirds had gone.

About two third gone within an hour

Within an hour an a half, there was nothing left.

After an hour and a half, nothing left. John Pearce surveys the scene

And within about 20 minutes of that, a casual passer-by would scarcely have been aware that a steaming pile of horse dung had been there at all.

Thanks very much to John for organising it, as ever.  Much appreciated by a great many plot holders.  And thanks to everyone who made contributions to pay for it – John was able to cover his costs.

Looking forward to the splendid crops that we will grow next year, thanks to all that manure.








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