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Allotment Forum meeting on Tuesday 20th March 2012

A meeting of the Borough Allotment  Forum was held on 20th March.  The draft minutes of the meeting are at Forum Meeting Minutes 20.3.2012     The next Allotment  Forum meeting will be on Tuesday  16 th October 2012.  As ours is a large site, we can have two representatives on the Forum. Perhaps even three. Continue reading

Minutes of the Epsom & Ewell Allotment Forum meeting on 20th June

The Epsom & Ewell Allotment Forum is an informal body (not an official Council committee) that consists of representatives from all the allotment sites in the borough. They meet several times each year, with the Chairmanship rotating between the various allotment sites.

The Forum attempts to liaise with the Council on allotment matters, and respresent the interests of the various allotment sites.  It endeavours to raise the profile of allotments in the borough, and help to ensure that the various allotment committees work in co-operation with the Council.

The last Allotment Forum meeting was on Monday 20th June, and the minutes of that meeting are at  Forum_Meeting_Minutes_20.6.2011